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Biden says Russia should be removed from G20

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Biden has arrived at the NATO headquarters in Brussels Belgium, the same country which operates the SWIFT money system which most of the world’s major banks which hold tens of trillions of dollars of assets and transactions are transferred from and to in the international market. Biden has said that the Group of 20 countries which are countries The G20 holds over 40% of the worlds GDP. Countries include the United States, China, Russia, Suadi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Canada, France, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, and other member states. These member states are the most influential sovereign states in the world. They are NATO member states, EU member states, some G7 member states, and the UN’s permanent security council members. The G20 is not a biding treaty but it actually helps make the countries sovereign economic interests be projected to other countries making the economic ties between countries strong. If Russia leaves the G20 their global economic projecting will be weakened, but this isn’t a new event if they leave: they have shown in the past that they have left the G7, but their economy still kept growing.

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