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A tank abandoned in the Tigray war, today a year is marked of the war.

A Year of War

Ethiopia last year November 4, 2020 was attacked by the TPLF terrorists. The Defense force of the country was attacked in that day a year ago, and the Prime Minister declared war against the former government the TPLF. They say there a Liberation Front while all they are, are greedy thief’s and bloody murders who see amusement in seeing the death of people who did nothing wrong but live a peaceful life. Weyane lets call them that’s what they are called in Ethiopia since the beginning of their creation TPLF is the so called organization name they give themselves but evil are they. They attacked a northern command base of the countries defense force which killed hundreds of soldiers, the Prime Minister used the defense forces and the federal police and other regional police to attack these rebels. The Truth is if the Prime Minister really wanted to destroy the TPLF he could have he chose to play the game of war which little did he know will cause the country into this great mess. The National Intelligence and Security Service, Federal Police, defectors, and the Defense Force would have had an un thinkable intel in their hand they did not use it. They also had more technological capabilities all Weyane could use is 50 year old artillery weapons they called modern weapons; the Defense forces while on the other had unlimited Airforce and army, with a 100 times more trained and organized soldiers as the Special Forces as the Republican guard what could some skinny untrained and only with some bullets of ammunition be able to fight of a whole army of trained and well equipped personal. Well they didn’t well at least the government use it their was sabotage inside the Government itself even in the highest office of the land the Prime Minister himself. If you really think about it a National Intelligence Agency that has can use FBI, Mossad, and Russian technics to track down criminals how couldn’t it use it against these junk bags, why wouldn’t the Defense forces also have the capabilities to destroy the bases of these terror bringers. Some are mind boggled of how these skinny heads were able to survive that long. The Prime Minister even called the war over in 3 weeks he called them (they were spread as powder ) but after 11 more months they didn’t become anything but more powerful than they already were. Let’s say this the Prime Minister came to think that playing games in this war will make him last more in his throne seat. The Prime Minister is a devil a devil in sheep’s clothing. He smiles in an unbelievable manner a very trust worth face comes as an angel to some but one of the most sickest people to live on this planet. Other than Tigray the Western part of Ethiopia people were slaughtered in the thousands and their homes and houses being burned by these terrorists other than Weyane but Abiy didn’t visit and show remorse as any other world leader would to if this happened to their country but in fact he visited farms in Oromia State inside of Ethiopia and talk about positive things all while 200 people were buried in one giant place as garbage being thrown to other trash as if trash will have the sanctity of being defiled by another trash. But humans are humans they PM didn’t even bother to order or any other official to have each person buried respectfully. This is the true color of the Ethiopian government. Investigate will reveal the truth and the truth of reality of this corrupt satanic world.

they were spread like powder

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