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Amazon trying to survive as lawsuits dropping over the company’s head.

Amazon’s facing problems

Amazon the trillion-dollar company is trying to make its image look as best as possible even though lawsuits have been dropping over the situation in Amazon warehouses and their conditions for their employees. The company has gone as far to write an article on one of their websites and has said

Congress is considering legislation that jeopardizes two of the things American consumers love most about Amazon: the vast selection and low prices made possible by opening our store to third-party selling partners, and the promise of fast, free shipping through Amazon Prime. Legislation sponsored by Senator Amy Klobuchar, as well as nearly identical legislation in the House sponsored by Representative David Cicilline, targets just a handful of American companies—Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft—which have very different business models.


Amazon not only is becoming more worried about legislation but as dozens of lawsuits are pilling over the company not slowly but fastly as huge organizations keep suing the company due to the lack of care for warehouse conditions. Another thing to note is the company may be also losing the trust of their customers. This is happing after the company deleted over 200 million fake reviews, reviews faked to make certain items bought more than others. The company is downfall is coming but it is not as simple as it looks, Amazon has millions of dollars poured to keep ‘anti-amazon’ laws from ever being serious enough to be passed by either major party.

FILED – Amazon has upped its fight against fake reviews in an effort to regain consumer trust in what people say about products. Photo: Ronny Hartmann/dpa

Amazon has said that if the law is passed that less choices would be available in the amazon retail website or, and it could also make prices sour higher than ever in Amazon. Making amazon prime members possibly less privileged than they were before the law if passed were to be passed the company implied.

The Company has caused protests demanding change to be brought into being, one of the companies most infamous was not allowing Amazon delivery drivers to urinate while delivering packages. Which caused absolute outrage with millions of Americans even those that get delivery from Amazon regularly.

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