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Texas Governor signing an executive order

American Airlines and Southwest will continue to disregard the Governor’s orders of no vaccine mandate in Texas

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Texas – The governor signed an executive order on October 11 allowing law enforcement able to arrest companies or any entity inside of the State of Texas from mandating any kind of vaccine. The order made it so that companies of any sort that operate in Texas only or Nation or internationally cannot mandate Texas or Texas residents who work for the Airlines in Texas of COVID-19 vaccine. The executive order which the governor signed contradicts Biden’s and State Judges may not have any say in this legal battle and the Federal Courts or Supreme Court Justices may have to come to play to tell if or not that the Airlines or the State of Texas is right in that authority.

Congress U.S Capitol Photo, Credit: Tameru/The Low Ethiopian Reports: If Texas has the right to not listen to the federal Government the SOCTUS may play into the debate.

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