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Anime growing Bigger, and helping Japana as a nation recover 

Anime for decades has played a huge role in empowering Japan’s influence globally; this includes the manga. Mangas are Japanese style comics which are read not only in the 120 million plus nation but globally. Predominantly in countries as Brazil and the United States. This has created stereotypes about Japan and also has given Japanese producers the ability to show case their national traditions and how the Japanese for centauries have been living life, of course in a more luxuries animated way but nonetheless accomplish the theme. This added with comic style battels as currently is in one of the biggest Mangas in all of Japan One Piece’s Wano Arc which showcases the battle between Kaido, Big Mom and Luffy (The Hero) and its aftereffects. The arc has not ended in the Manga but currently is few weeks from ending but over a year to animate. These types of actions and industry of Japanese has helped the Island nation build a huge reputation with not governments but their citizens. Helping in fact bring tourism, in fact millions on mind knowing how these comic styles Mangas have semi-effected their life’s.

Gol D. Roger and an influential character in the One-Piece series

Nonetheless the Dragon Ball serious the no doubt-ably biggest anime serious in all of Japan and the entire world: come back might bring anime enthusiasts back to the Island nation in the millions and bring Japan serious money, in-fact due to the fact of the well-developed infrastructure/internet and many services, these anime tourists will bring and spend their wallets to the Japanese cooperations. And due to the high number of Japanese anime serious more are coming, and if Dragon ball decides to come back it will no doubt ably create billions of dollars in Japan’s pockets and its hotel, internet, and other industries to peaks.

Goku as illustrated by Akira Toriyama, Goku is a well-known anime figure in the global sphere from Dragon Ball Series.

Therefore, the power of these series to attract foreigners to visit the country will make Japan even stronger than it is, by giving the story which Japan wants to present to the world and help its economical ambitions. Numbers have already shown the impact of the anime tourists even at the level to which Japanese had to invent a phrase about this ‘seichijunrei.’

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