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Chickens seen eating while caged up.

Another Virus reemerges found in China, China reports new  case of bird flue

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chickens seen in cages being feed.

Wednesday China – LEK Reports China – A Chinese man was hospitalized in Guangdong southern Chinese province after contracting the H5N6 strain of bird flue one of the deadly strains of bird infections discovered over the past years. The man is 55 years old and tested positive for the H5N6 in July 6. The case is one of the rarest cases for the strain as being only 33 infections since 2014 WHO data says. The Chinese state media who reported this on Wednesday citing an anonymous expert said that there is no threat because of this case. The first infection of the disease was first detected in Laos in 2014. About 60 percent of the people that caught the virus have died because of this. More than 30 times the deadliness of COVID-19 virus which has taken the lives of 4.5 million humans from the earth. And the majority in 3rd world countries with less vaccination rates and poor hospitals which have less government spending.

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