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NCA NewsWire/Sarah Matray of wrongful arrest victim.

Australian Police tackle a woman drinking tea, in her local park with her husband

The woman was with her husband in her local park in her neighborhood, in Princess Park, Melbourne Australia. The Victoria police saw the woman drinking tea while sitting right next to her husband. One of the police’s badge umber according to Abraham Yemini a Rebel News journalist was “3839895” from Victoria Police.

Victoria police are known for enforcing bogus rules which they themselves don’t even follow rules that they as police make not the legislative branch, and have become a police state.

Avi Yemimi said to the police after tackling her and afterwards “that you just can’t do (tackle and assault her) that.” But Mainstream Media quickly photographed the woman as police had her pinned to the gravel, labelling her a protester, the woman just drank her tea with her husband sitting in the park relaxing to see nature and relax and the NCA NewsWire labeled her in a photo by a NCA photographer Sarah Matray as an “anti lock down protester.”

Photo of NCA News Wire by Sarah Matray

This photo by Sarah Matray which claims a person drinking tea with her husband is a protestor shows you how much we cannot trust mainstream media any more. Opinion: We need more discernment and need to read and see more neutral news sites from multiple sources with other political beliefs: like Rebel News or other anti or more neutral news sources. The NCA reporting was not 100% false from LEK Analyzing the report but on this case they were when saying this woman was a protestor while see just sat down drinking tea with her husband. The Police refused to tell the journalist why she got arrested even while he told them that she was getting a lawyer from him and still refused, showing their lack of ability to fulfill their true duties as to fulfill the law and help people follow it by telling them what or or not unlawful activity they committed. Rebel News provided to fight for her legal battel and said they would use FightTheFines to fight her fine for just drinking a tea on open air with her husband the only person close to her within 6 feet.

Video of arrest

Video by Avi explaining the situation of the wrongful arrest in Princes Park, Victoria Australia.

This was made by The Low Ethiopian Reports Opinion by the DOTLER. This content is in the public domain and non copyrightable expect the video and images in this article: by the authority of the author as being the director of the LEK Reports.

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