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Bitcoin coin seen in a background were crypto prices tumble. Photo/Credit: Luke MacGregor | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Bitcoin potential drops lower than excepted

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Bitcoin prices falls behind a bitcoin coin. Photo Credit: Luke MacGregor | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Today Bitcoin lost 10% of its capital market capitalization which is over 100 billion dollars of market capitalization. This happened after it already lost 7% in market cap. The coin’s price is currently at 41,940.07 it had reached 60,000 dollars each coin but over the months lost over 300 billion dollars that is the GDP of the whole country of Ethiopia in a year and plus a couple more billion. While bitcoin is not stable its prices will eventually grow but new crypto currencies like Doge Coin, Ethereum are taking billions from bitcoin invest into their own market cap. Shark tank leading actor Mark Cuban said he owned Ethereum along side Bitcoin in one interview he had. This takes the market cap of Bitcoin if it had no competitors and now to tens of thousands more higher.

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