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Bitcoin Reaches 60,000 dollars again after months of struggle

Bitcoin reached 61,000 dollars today making it reach one of its highest market cap at 1.1 trillion making it reach levels since before its price fell a couple months before. Bitcoin a cryptocurrency one of the world’s biggest finical market cap: over reaching a trillion dollars of capitalization, which is what a country of 117 million people make in 4 years of PPP GDP according to data analyzed by The LEK. The World’s GDP in 2020 is 132 Trillion dollars according to the World Bank, which means bitcoin is 0.8 percent of what 7 billion humans made in 2020. A giant that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a minute and millions in seconds.

Bitcoin has recently been outlawed in China, but the world as a country in South America is making it a legal currency. And even forcing all citizens to use bitcoin.

The Treasury Department and the federal reserve have been criticized as money printers and can print how ever money the want to bail out big corporations Tameru/The Low Ethiopian Reports, Washington D.C The Treasury Department of The United States of America, August 2021

Bitcoin is seen as a limited supply of 21 million coins maximum, which prevents the government from printing endless money.

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