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World leaders seen in G20 climate meeting.

BREAKING: Biden says “disappointing” that Russia and China did not show up “basically didn’t show up.”

Breaking News: Biden in the G20 climate meeting has said that it is disappointing that Russia and China didn’t really show up in the G20 climate meeting. The World leaders in G20 meeting said that they won’t fund coal supply to poorer nations “by or around mid-century.” One of a usual statements they make on climate change conferences on usual which is always vague, at Rome before the United Nations much bigger climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) Boris Johnson has said that “drops in a rapidly warming ocean.” Showing the G20’s vague weak promises. The United Nations (UN) secretary general has said that the G20 agreed outcome is not enough, which lines to Boris Johnson’s statement.

G20 members have been the worlds leading green house emissions the world, with the likes of China, U.S, and Russia with Japan and South Korea, UK and others. Britain pushed for a commitment to achieve climate neutrality or net-zero emissions, meaning a balance between greenhouse gases added to and removed from the atmosphere, by 2050. The United States and the European Union have set 2050 as their own deadline for reaching net-zero emissions, while China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are aiming for 2060. The leaders of those three countries didn’t come to Rome for the summit. Which is 10 years more later than the U.S which considerably emits lower gas emissions than China which has a population over 3 times bigger than it’s own. Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau said that G-20 leaders were able to get together was in itself a success given the coronavirus pandemic, while locking down Canadians at home and seeing vaccine mandates which are creating controversy and lawsuits on his back. The World leaders said that they were “working on actionable options” to do that and set the $100 billion figure as a “total global ambition” short of an absolute commitment. Some $45 billion has already been reallocated by individual countries on a voluntary basis.

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