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Breaking News: Biden says U.S is sending medium range rockets to Ukraine.

Developing: Biden has said that the U.S will send medium range rockets to Ukraine. This comes to being after the U.S said they would not send rockets that could reach Russia.

Ukrainian forces could use the rocket systems on Russian forces in the Donbas. But yet it is more likely the U.S is giving Ukraine rocket systems which will not reach the Russia border but center areas of the far east of the country.

The DOD is set to send advanced systems but yet due to the war of a nuclear power the U.S is not risking direct attacks or conflict to Russia which might cause direct war with the two superpowers.

The medium range missiles are going to be built and used in Ukraine by the Congress approved 40-billion-dollar package, the first money to be spent on the 40-billion-dollar congress approved package.

By Jakey222 – CC BY-SA 4.0: Image showing Crimea bridge was said to be cut off if Ukraine would have the ability to strike it.

A Top Ukrainian official has said if Ukraine were to process weaponry able to hit the Crimea bridge linking Russia to Crimea that they would destroy the bridge and unlink Russian forces from Crimea.

A White House official said the weapons would include medium-range High Mobility Advanced Rocket System (HIMARS)



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