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BREAKING NEWS: Ethiopia bans Free speech reporting on the Tigray military crisis.

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The Ethiopian Government Communications Service (GCS) has announced from the Minister of Justice that the government through the current state of emergency that the state of emergency bans any media from reporting on the military confrontation in Tigray. The GCS said that any military victory, defeat or whatsoever type of relation to the war is excluded from any reporting from media inside the jurisdiction Ethiopia including foreign media which are inside the country or local, national media inside and from the country. This news comes after the Prime Minister said that he was going in the battel field, battel front of the war to lead the military as the commander-in-chief of the national defense forces. The government most likely thought of this so that their strategic interests on the war field might be kept safe.

ETV journalist announces GCS and other announcements.

ETV a state runned media also stated that no civilian that doesn’t work or is employed for local authorities as regional special forces or federal government agencies cannot dress or look as one. Also, the state runned media also reported that any law enforcement look alike with no ID may be arrested or stopped by law enforcement. ETV reported that also no military information could be reported in the country as the Government Communications Service also reported. ETV also said that media authors and publications cannot hide under free speech to support the terrorist Weyane organization direct or indirectly. Secret law enforcement forces were order to take necessary action to those who break the state of emergency order.

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