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Kyle Rittenhouse after verdict.

Breaking News: Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict finds Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts

Kyle Rittenhouse: judge finds Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts. Rittenhouse if charged with all crimes would have been facing 170 years in prison with no parole. The prosecutors have not objected the judge verdict and thus the case has officially closed on the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. In the trial the Judge stated that the bond is dismissed by the court, and that Kyle can talk about the verdict how ever and how much he wants. But he has said that people that contact Kyle about this case multiple times without his wish can be punished or addressed by the court. The Judge has had multiple death treats if his verdict allows Kyle to not be guilty. And due to this huge case 500 national guard members and Sheriffs have come to protect the court building in Kenosha. Courtroom 209 in the Kenosha County Courthouse is still at risk of riots.

Judge Schroeder moments before the verdict in the Kenosha county court

The verdict was thought by the judge to last 2 weeks and 2 days but lasted about 3 weeks, Kyle is still yet to finish high school and life will surely be hard to regain control of. Judge Schroeder has also banned MSNBC news from entering the court room while the trial was on going to reasons the judge justly determined for the appropriate court action and reason.

Kyle Rittenhouse reaction of the verdict

The Media have been very toxic and even politicians as Biden have said Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist, which made Rittenhouse’s mother to say that Biden defamed her son. The Rittenhouse trial has been over but their will be people other than politicians who will try to associate the justice system as corrupt because they disagree with the baseless claims on the Judges verdict.


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