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Breaking News: Mass shooter at New York City train station possibly identified.

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Breaking News: The shooter which shoot 10 people and caused 23 people to be injured whilst in the train station in New York City, which also caused 5 people to be critically wounded has been possibly identified as Frank James. And the NYPD has labeled him a person of “interest.”

“NYC subway shooter’s Philly-rented U-Haul was found abandoned and recovered in Gravesend on West Third Street near Kings Highway miles from where he shot ten straphangers: Gunman was on FBI’s terrorist radar until 2019.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigations had the suspected individual in their terror radar system until 2019. The suscept was a terror treat according to the FBI until they removed him from the list in 2019.

Law enforcement investigators from the FBI and the NYPD were able to identify the suspect by finding a credit card which was used to rent the U-Haul cargo van.

The U-Haul, shown behind police tape, was rented in Philadelphia. It’s unclear if there are explosives inside

Frank R. James is a 62-year-old male who drove the U-Haul vehicle from Philadelphia to state lines crossing New York State then arriving to New York City.

Victims of the attack

Officials have said that there should be a wait to call this a terror attack. And that investigators should decide whether or not this was indeed a terrorist attack.

Law enforcement seen investigating the area

Scenes during the terror attack

A Glock-19: 9mm handgun weapon was used to attack the victims and Police have said that at least 33 shots were fired. and two detonated smoke grenades, two none detonated smoke grenades, with a U-Haul key which helped identify a U-Haul car.

Press briefing
Place of the train station attack

The Individual has a YouTube channel named prophet oftruth88 where he was narrating his life events and his driving related history.

The FBI had interviewed James multiple times and after that had occurred removed him from the  Guardian Lead system in New Mexico.

This story is breaking and will be updated.

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