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North Korean State media paper cover confirming it sent ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan

Breaking News: North Korea confirms that it launched ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan

October 19 – Breaking News: North Korean authorities through its state runned media have confirmed that they sent a ballistic missile yesterday from a submarine. The South Korean military yesterday has reported that an unidentified projectile from North Korea went into the Sea of Japan. And today the North Korean State media has reported and confirmed that indeed a projectile from North Korea was launched and sent as South Korea has stated and it even confirms more specifically a submarine naval ballistic missile.

North Korean Military Parade in Pyongyang Kim II-sung Square

North Korea has said that it would build an “invincible Military.” Kim Jong Un over the past weeks has been show casing North Korean military strength and the raw brutal physical strength of the soldiers also.

North Korea is one of the only 9 nations to be confirmed to have a nuclear arsenal. Some of North Korea’s ballistic missiles can reach New York City also passing it’s former capabilities of only being able to reach the west cost of the United States.

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