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A child is getting a vaccine against Covid-19.

Breaking News: Pfizer to seek BioNTech booster shot approval for 16 – 17 year Olds.

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Breaking News: Pfizer is seeking this week to get their booster shots to get approved for 16-17 year Olds, and if it gets approved it would be a first of its kind. The first booster shot for people who are under 18. Pfizer has already got the approval from the CDC and the FDA to sell booster shots to people who are 18 or older, but now they are targeting to people who are underage. Pfizer seeking the approval comes after a new variant Omicron is appearing and travel bans by several nations are occurring. Omicron has been able to get in countries who have travel bans, Canada is for one. Moderna nor Johnson&Johnson have applied for booster shots for minors under the age of 18 in the U.S nor any place around the globe.

Pfizer office base

Pfizer has been the leader in vaccination in the U.S and the World, in terms of providing vaccines faster than Moderna, and others. But even if the FDA approves one the CDC panel would also have to approve it for it to be sold in public. Moderna or Johnson&Johnson are yet to apply for approval for a booster shot for teenagers. This news comes in after people on twitter were criticizing the booster shots, and saying that 10 booster shots will take into effect almost a yearly shot as the flu shot. Dr. Fauci said that the government might change the definition of fully vaccinated to mean 3 vaccines in ones body or a booster to be in the meaning fully vaccinated. Fauci also left a message via the White House encouraging people to get the booster shot, which may be an endless amount of vaccines that people might take.

Dr. Tedros also left a message about the new variant:

The Omicron variant is still yet to be known if its more deadly than other variants of covid-19.

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