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PM Abiy Ahmed speaking in the Prime Ministers Office to the Parliament

Breaking News: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to fight in the Tigray War

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Breaking News: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is to start to fight the Tigray war and lead the battlefield on ground. The Prime Minister himself wrote an official text of the administration of the executive branch of the government as head of government, and his statement is this “We have a historical responsibility to keep the name of freedom called “Ethiopia”! Dear children of my country, Respected Ethiopian friends, Ethiopia is a country that has lived with the heroism and sacrifice of its children and protected its dignity and freedom. This friend and enemy know this. Those who tried to rape the border have seen her hand. The ones who were trying to get her in have come back. She knows how to give a proper lesson to those who committed treason, and punish those who stabbed the back. The freedom and sovereign glory that has been gained for thousands of years is not found in a rich way. It is impossible to protect freedom without a price; the name of freedom Ethiopia has been paid a blood price for it, strong heroes have died for it. Our fathers whom we know in history are different in administration and in the world; they have different views on rights, justice and equality. For Ethiopia, there was no difference in their place where they had unity, freedom and sovereignty. Although they have a language, ethnicity and ethnicity, their determination of Aldeferm-Bay unites them. No matter how far their personal interest is, when it comes to a common enemy, Ethiopianism will be above their privacy.In the past or today, each of us needs, our lives are under Ethiopia. We want Ethiopia to live and die instead of us living. Our wish is to have a country that is ours, where freedom and justice is built, which is called in the world square with its unity and freedom. We have done everything we can for the past three years by wishing great for Ethiopia, and seeking for our country to rise its neck. We have struggled to change our politics from killing each other to fighting. We have tried to let all those who are struggling in other countries to enter Ethiopia. We have taken the good from the past and moved to correct the mistake with forgiveness. We have opened a new chapter saying “Let’s cross with love, let’s cross with forgiveness” We have done what we can to translate what we promised to destroy the wall of separation and hatred and build a bridge of unity and unity. We have fought for the economy to recover and bring structural change, to improve our judicial system, to correct our human rights, to make our foreign relations program neighborly. We are strong as humans through this. We are as tired as humans. We have dreamed as humans, we have destroyed as humans. We have never been disappointed in Ethiopia’s unity, Ethiopia’s dignity and Ethiopia’s greatness. Ethiopia is a country to be excited about. Tomorrow is greater than yesterday. Suffering is her ability to overcome. We will get through this. Ethiopia will definitely win. Now we are at the moment where we are going to fight the last fight to save Ethiopia. Our enemies have united us inside and outside. On the one hand, our historical enemies have set a bar of destruction to avoid seeing an Ethiopia that grows by her own will and by her own way. If Ethiopia resurrects in an African way and wins, it will be no longer return to anyone. They have put all kinds of evil tools in order to disrupt this African way. Our internal and external enemies have started to build their strength on Ethiopia’s weakness. It was not to pass with the will of Ethiopia, not to pass by. That is why we made our foreign relations policy to be mainly neighbors. This struggle is the struggle of all black people. Ethiopia is a work that is being done to shame black people and to put the new colonial rope. It is a purposeful struggle to make black people not to have our own history, culture, identity and respect. I would like to remind you that this is a campaign that was opened on Ethiopia, by making Ethiopia kneel so that black people don’t get an example of freedom and victory. For the sake of black people’s dignity and glory, in the spirit of Pan African, I invite all black people to stand with Ethiopia. In the end, this struggle is the struggle of every Ethiopian. It is a struggle to make our children have a country. It is a struggle to make our children wear dignity and freedom and walk proudly in the world square. It is a struggle to have a name that we are called with respect in the world. It is a struggle that decides whether we live or not. Without a doubt we will win. Losing by calling Ethiopia is impossible. The time is when we need to lead a country with sacrifice. From now on, I will move to the battle field to lead the defense force in front of tomorrow. Those of you who want to be one of the Ethiopian children whom history admires, stand up today for the sake of your country; let’s meet at the front. Those who are left behind will cover the gap that our generation creates and work. The regional and federal leaders who are not in front of the front will do their best in development and administration work more than ever. Elders are protecting their environment with method and wisdom, elderly mothers and fathers are praying, everyone will cooperate and ensure the victory of Ethiopia. This is not the time for us to sit far away and be criticizing and calm. Let’s do what needs to be done. For Ethiopia more than us, it will come from nowhere. The name Ethiopia is the name of winners, it is a symbol of freedom. I have no doubt, my generation will pay the price for the winner’s name and the symbol of freedom and will print Ethiopia and Ethiopianism with a golden pen. Thank you!!Ethiopia should be respected and respected by the efforts of her children. May she live forever!!May God bless Ethiopia and her people! April 13, 2014 E.C.”

The letter of the Prime Minister which rebuked the West

After the end of the letter the Prime Minister wrote that he would fight and lead the grounds of the battle after tomorrow against the TPLF terrorists. A terrorist organization which is responsible for the deaths of millions of people for the past 2 decades of leading the country since 1991 through 2018 until the Prime Minister came to power.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed seen in Mekelle with high ranking Generals in the beginning of the war.

This is the first time the Prime Minister announced him leading the whole Defense Forces on ground to fight the terrorists. This came after the spokesperson of the TPLF Getachew Reda said that a drone strike conducted by the Ethiopian National Defense Forces hit a residential area in Mekelle, but it is most likely a resident for high ranking terrorists. In a tweet he said “The dying Regime in #Addis conducted a drone attack in a residential area in #Mekelle around 1:am. It’s become an unmistakable pattern for #Abiy to target residential quarters in #Tigray whenever his forces are dealt a harsh blow in the battlefield. #TigrayShallPrevail!.”

Getachew Reda also tweeted just minutes ago that POW’s came out yesterday to show support for people in Tigray.

The Prime Minister is now taking this war more seriously and is taking the position as the commander-in-chief of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces. The ENDF has more technological superiority due to drones received from Turkey and Iran. The war after a year is looking as a more brutal and serious war for the TPLF than they might have thought now.

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