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Breaking News: The CDC allows covid vaccine for ages 5-11

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The CDC has approved the covid-19 vaccine for ages group 5-11. This comes after the FDA approved the vaccine in October 29, 5 day after the CDC panel approved it. According to a report kids aged 5 have the chances of 10,000 times greater to survive from the virus from an 80 year old: which proves vaccinating kids isn’t supported by the science.  According to data 1.9 million children from 5-11 years old contracted covid and only 26 died the last week which was a record high. Compared to adults who number in the hundreds. Last month the FDA had recently approved booster shots for elders and people at high risk for covid. One Covid case was reported that Jen Psaki got infected with the virus and is isolating. She is fully vaccinated but according to a study from the UK from the Lancet wrote this “The SAR in household contacts exposed to the delta variant was 25% (95% CI 18–33) for fully vaccinated individuals compared with 38% (24–53) in unvaccinated individuals.” Showing that the vaccinated should not boast so much of covid spread, beating the unvaccinated by only 13% which isn’t really safer than which the vaccine provides. The Study also concluded that “The SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant is highly transmissible and spreading globally, including in populations with high vaccination rate.”

CDC Data chart: showing hospital and infections rate in the months of June, August grow.

The CDC data showed that Covid-19 infections in June per 100,000 people was 12.3 for infection in August it jumped up to 121 nearly 10 times while more people got the vaccine. And for hospitalizations the data says that 8.9 people per 100,000 people now 75 almost also a 10 time jump showing lack of science in CDC panels statements.

New data also shows that the efficacy over time for the vaccines were lowering down according to the CDC. An expert said that the delta can escape the vaccines hit.

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