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Biden addressing the nation.

Breaking News: U.S Court of Appeals allows Biden vaccine mandate for large businesses.

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Breaking News a federal court of appeals allows Biden’s vaccine mandate for large businesses. A federal judge ordered halt for the Biden vaccine mandate in 10 states and another federal judge halted the vaccine mandate in all 50 states. Now this court of appeals allows Biden to practice this vaccine mandate. In a 2-1 ruling, the U.S. Appeals Court for the Sixth United States Circuit ruled that the Biden administration could enforce the policy using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. THE OSHA has been criticized by using it powers. People have given the argument that OSHA has powers to employee treats are workplaces and not pandemics which effect people who are outside the workplace or do not have jobs. OSHA has limited power only to make decisions which effect workplace environments only and not duel problems which can affect life as a whole with no special distinction of job-related problems.

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