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Dua Lipa won the best female artist this year.

Brit Award to go gender inclusive

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The Brit award is to start to go gender neutral. This means that there wont be 2 winners each for best male artist or female but only best human artist. This will go in affect in 2022 and will make the competition more harder as male vs female artists. This might be hard due to the differences between male characteristics due to voice differences depth to women and female artists voices.

They also announced that the Brit award on February 8, 2022 on 02 Arena in London will also have other more categories and welcoming 4 more genres of music: alternative/rock act, hip hop/grime/rap act, dance act and pop/R’n’B act – which will all be decided by a public vote making the voices of the listeners more important than judges of the brits awards themselves. People will most likely lash out and say that women and men are different meaning and putting themselves together will be dangerous to society which in a sense is true but every thing needs limits in inclusion and not.

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