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Justine Trudeau getting his booster shot.

Candian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau gets a booster shot

The Canadian Prime Minister (50) today received his booster shot, the PM is fully vaccinated and even says people who aren’t vaccinated are “racists.” People have compared this claim as if as a person who didn’t fully finish his meal is mocking and being racist to people in 3rd world countries that don’t have the opportunity to eat, which is illogical because no one can eat 100 percent of food all the time because they are human. Plus, scientifically there will always be something left even at the atom and molecule level.

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau moments before receiving his booster shot.

The Canadian PM lockdown the country and ones were seen walking in the beach with his wife secretly until one fellow Canadian recorded him.

Trudeau after being jabbed with the booster.
Photo: Trudeau being boosted.

The Prime Ministers approval ratings have hit all-time lows as due to his criticism towards fellow Canadians and calling millions and some who are in minorities racist because they were simply not vaccinated taking into account what they really think or what their medical conditions will allow or not allow them.

Finished after taking the Jab

The Prime Ministers government had announced they have acquired enough booster shots for everyone five months before the Prime Minister got vaccinated.

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