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‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue in Brazil hit by lighting at least 5 times a year: but why?

In the years videos and images have been captured which not only are true but lightning true. In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro standing at top of the city glares the statue of Christ the Saviour of the World. Millions of tourists from around the world try to take photographs and pictures of the statue with themselves and their families. It is Brazil’s most ionic image of state glory for the world to see and boosts their economy and especially Rio de Janeiro: which is the equivalent of the New York or Shanghai of Brazil. Many people confuse the place as the capital city of the country, but it actually is Brasillia. Nonetheless over the years lightings have hit the statue many times, it’s that people see it hit once in a while. But why does it get hit?

Many people have believed that such lightning incidents happen due to the judgment of God, and his anger against the idol imagery. We can never definitely say it is not but what most likely is the case? But many sources have claimed due to high attitude the statue reaches such events happen. But what really happens is: yes high mountains in the tens of thousands of feet get hit by lighting due to high attitude storms, and experts have highlighted that fact. Nonetheless objectively speaking this is a normal occurrence in high altitude places, making the statue get hit by lightning not that much of a ‘rare’ occurrence.

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