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Does Elon Musk own which attacks Trudeau?

LEK Business

Who owns well our investigation has concluded that the individual is unknown? but what must be unknown to say or assume it might be Musk. Well, the domain name: the domain is a four-letter domain name which is a word used by almost if not all human beings which is a liar. And having a domain as such few words whilst being such an impact full domain is up to millions even tens of millions. Domains known as sold for 1.25 million dollars, a sixth letter domain name called sold for 3.1 million dollars. So, it is clear that these short letter domains is owned by the least by a muti millionaire who most likely has tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars if not a billionaire as Elon Musk. Elon Musk has slapped Canadian PM about his remarks on the Truckers protesting vaccine mandates.

Credit: The Post Millennial

None the less the only way to find out if it is truly Elon is ask him, and if he wants to really attack Trudeau and if he owns he should speak about and give a huge rebuke to his Premiership.

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