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Department of Justice HQ, Washington D.C.

DOJ Lawyer mocks Religious exemption on COVID Vaccines report:

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Leaked Video of DOJ lawyer according to Human Events that mocked religious exemption.

A DOJ lawyer mocks people who say that they would not be vaccinated because of religious exemptions. The Lawyer for the department of Justice said this “And even the connection to the previse testing makes them cooperative with evil in a way that their religion prohibits, I don’t want to say anything that is to categorical but I belief that when this claim will be very difficult for agencies to successfully claim that that’s either sincere or non religious.” The DOJ lawyer said that he doesn’t think organizations and agencies will heed to religious exemptions. Later the lawyer say’s that “Even if it is (referring to true sincere religious belief).” And he says on “Even if we know that many of those claims are not sincere, or even if they are sincere and not religious.” This is very dangerous experts warn because of the possibility that people determine what is religious or not in this free society.

He further states (DOJ Lawyer) “This is the most common thing your going to confront probably, and its likely that you will have to take it as a given the employees claim, not always right, one response to some hospitals have started to give is that well do you know that….. and the DOJ lawyer talks more. If you want to hear the video click the video on top this article.

The Low Ethiopian Reports found this video here, and The has no connection to this subject at all but reported information which was released in the public domain here.

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