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How We destroyed Ethiopia, the Emperor’s Legacy

How we “Killed and Ruined Ethiopia” The Emperor’s Legacy
Emperor Haile Selassie I of the Ethiopian Empire

The Beginning of Ethiopia’s Good season. In 1930 Haile Selassie became Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia. One of the first things which he did was create airports in highlands locked from the world and founded Ethiopian Airlines, created A strong Airforce in 1924. The Emperor was every modern after he defeated the Italians in 1941 after a couple years passed be took back Eritrea and then created a navy which had over 50 vessel ships which had the capability to attack and defend Ethiopia. The Emperor create ETV in 1935 which had radio, and in 1962 added a television. The Emperor created more roads, was the first to have multiple electricity lines in the country. Created such reforms strong currency even equal and neck to neck rival the U.S dollar. 

. Kept Ethiopia free from colonization 

. Ethiopian Airlines
. Airports

. Roads

. Airforce

. Navy

. Birr equal to dollar

.Stopped Arabs from dominating Ethiopian business and allowed Ethiopians and encouraged Ethiopians to beat foreign in business men

. Strong diplomatic relations with the World

. Received Eritrea back from Italy

. Freed In slaved people in Ethiopia

   All this was done by the Emperor himself and because one bad mistake he made all of this literally all of this gone. We ruined our lives in communism disbelief in God. The people of Ethiopia cursed them selves for decades and i believe this curse will be removed after 83 years after the Emperor’s death equal to that of his age. FDRE will collapse it is a matter of time till justice. 

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