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Mega projects in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa city currently constructing over 5 billion dollars’ worth of projects

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Ethiopia’s largest city and capital Addis Ababa “New Flower” which more than 10 million people live at is constructing over 5 billion dollars’ worth of projects inside the city: here are some of the most notable of them.

No. 1

Addis Tomorrow

The project’s look

Addis Tomorrow is a project in Addis Ababa which is worth over 3 billion USD and will be the single biggest project in the city. The project will have a commercial center, research center, lease and residential center, 2 parks.

No. 2

La Gare

La Gare project

The La Gare project is one of the most well-known projects regarding Addis Ababa as a city, it will cost Ethiopia over 1.5 billion USD. As seen in the image it will have luxury residential areas, and also a mall with a train station. In addition, none of the families living at La Gare will be displaced but rather given free of charge residential modern to the tech lifestyle: bringing high paying jobs, without the cost of the pervious residents.

No. 3

Abyssinia Bank New Headquarters

Abyssinia bank new HQ

All of the projects mentioned above are endorsed and are government projects, but this is a project of an Ethiopian owned private bank. This project will create the largest and tallest building in all of Ethiopia reaching over 200 feet taller than the current tallest building in Ethiopia which is owned by the state bank of Ethiopia called the Commerical bank of Ethiopia. The cost of the project will be 400 million dollars. And will be the most prominent skyscraper in all of Addis.

No. 4

Awash Bank new Headquarters

Awash bank the first private bank in Ethiopia: The project will be worth over 300 million dollars and will be the second tallest skyscraper in the city behind Abyssinia bank. Images of more details of the project have not emerged but the cost is publicly available.

No. 5

Adey Stadium

Adey Stadium

The Stadium will be located near Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport, the stadium will be the first stadium in Ethiopia to meet international requirements. The project will be worth over 250 million dollars and will be fully completed in the early stages of 2023 (just next year).


All of these projects combined will cost over 5.4 billion United States dollars, and most likely all will be completed in 2028, and some will be completed as the stadium in 2023, and the La Gare project in 2025–2026-year period. Ethiopia’s renewal project of its capital in the long term and also short term will payoff its image of “poverty” as a so called “3rd world country.”

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