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Ethiopia going beyond only “usage for electricity” to using Nile Dam for fishery

The local regional or provenience state which the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or (GERD) is located in is the Benishangul Gumuz. Local state authorities of the Benishangul Gumuz have reported on their official facebook page that Ethiopians have been fishing because a new reservoir lake which is an estimated 20 billion plus cubic meters of water has newly been created. The local Ethiopian province officials have said that an estimated 1.2 tons of fish are being harvested daily, or about 438 tonnes worth if the amount stays constant for a year which is very unlikely since the lake would only grow in size since the next filling is scheduled in the next couple of months. And that would increase the input and output of fishes in the new lake behind the 5 billion dollar mega dam.

Meaning Ethiopians have and are already using this Mega Dam project for more than electricity, while the fishery businesses is booming, and only set to boom more as the reservoir grows at its excepted 74-billion-cubic meters of water: other business men are suggesting Ethiopians could use the water for drinking, and agricultural benefits, as thousands of miles of square feet of land are expected to be used for harvest.

Ethiopian businessmen are also seeking to create resorts, hotels, restaurants, and amusement attracting places where Ethiopians, and tourists, as an Island would be created while the filling of the dam is finished. These indirect actions would create and generate hundreds of millions or even a couple of billions of dollars for the Ethiopian businessman, and jobs for local people.

Article written by Senior editor of the LEK Reports, an Ethiopian News edition group based in North America

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