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The Flag which Ethiopians love and was former Flag of the Ethiopian Empire.

Ethiopia see’s lowest extreme poverty rate.

Ethiopia over the past decade has seen decrease in it’s extreme poverty rate and poverty rate as a whole, since 2000 the extreme poverty rate was 44% but after 20 years in 2021 it’s extreme poverty rate is 15.9%. Meaning a 28% decrease of it’s extreme poverty rate. Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed said Bank’s have given more loans to the private sector than the government sector, to private individuals who are willing to create jobs with a decent pay plus some tips for gas workers in gas stations in Addis Ababa. Yet 15% is big but also it ‘s still a huge progress done made. The Prime Minister said and noted 6.2 million Ethiopians created a bank account in the year 2020 to 2021 (some parts of those years). And that means 2.4 billion dollars of savings, and that allowed banks to give more loans which created more jobs for the country. While the extreme poverty rate fell some problems arise as living cost skyrockets making it more expensive than New York City itself. And also minimum wage problems, the government had opportunities to create a federal minimum wage but refused to do so in action. The countries gold export has grown also according to the Minister of Mines. Coffee, gold and mineral exports are set to hit a record at the end of this year. And thus will also create jobs with better pay age with it.

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