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Dessie and Kombolcha recaptured by ENDF.

Ethiopia’s recaptured towns

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The Ethiopian government has recaptured tens of towns pushing the Tigray terrorist rebels hundreds of kilometers back. The rebels were so close that one step or one major move to Addis Ababa could have made them see Bole international airport by the naked eye but before this could happen Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed went to the battel front in Afar and made strategic blows to the rebel insurgents.

Now the Prime Minister has moved out of the battel front and recently visited Turkey secretly without telling no member of the public or media.

These new gains are gains of hug and strategic towns some that have roads that lead to Ethiopia’s only access to sea Djibouti once Ethiopian territory at Emperor Haile Selassie I time. The Prime Minister Office said that they have recaptured mountain chains of Zobel and also said “strategic towns of Arjo, Fokisa, Boren towns and cut through the main Woldia – Mekelle highway.” Also other towns as “Dire Roqana & Sodoma. On the Wuchalie front, joint Ethiopian forces have taken control of the Ambasel mountain chain and towns in the vicinity.” With also Dessie and Kombolcha.

The government also said that it captured Lalibela but the rebels have seemed to retake the holy site. But the gov’t is round about them with advanced air technology at the B2 Bayraktar Turkish drones with Irian drones and also the Chinese Wing Loong I. The Government has the technological age over rebels which have tanks or rockets which are nearly or are from half a centaury from the past compared to drones which are capable to take out S-300 air defense systems.

The Ethiopia forces in reality from day one can could destroyed the Tigrayan leadership will they were all inside one conference room leaving the terrorists with no leaders and then the war would have not come to this level.

Foreign governments have been asking citizens to leave the country even saying Addis Ababa is not safe which it is safer than all Somalia. The #NoMore movement has taken wide effect in twitter but let this truth be known people should not only hold rebel terrorists accountable but also the Ethiopian government which at times has a blind eye to massacres in the Far west of Ethiopia were 200 people were murdered and all buried in the same place. All accountability for everyone let not the government take this opportunity to make itself look as an angle but let the movement expose the deepest secretes of everyone.

Update: Lalibela has been recaptured by the Ethiopian Gov’t.

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