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Facebook to Meta

Facebook changes it’s name to Meta

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Facebook announced a name change according to the Verge: the report came out to be true and according to Business insider trade marker applications indicated the verges reporting Facebook to rebrand its name was true. The name change, Facebook which is the world’s second biggest social media platform behind YouTube and former biggest social media platform with over 2 billion users changed its name because the company wants itself to be known as ‘metaverse’ focus. Even if the companies name was changed the Facebook App, Facebook website will not have their names taken or changed and their rights to the Meta, Incorporated company rather than Facebook, Inc. Facebook was created since 2004 it’s had this name for over 15 years and it’s name change hits a lot to some people. Facebook is a company which of course was built for profit but it’s usage is like as a family member as of it’s own.

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