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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at inauguration parade, behind a bullet proof glass. Photo/Ethiopian Television

Facebook deletes Ethiopian PM tweet

Facebook has deleted Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Facebook tweet about the state of emergency he declared. Now Facebook said it violated their polices but the real question is did it violate Ethiopia’s laws, because due to Facebook being a company that provides their internet online products in the state of Ethiopia it can’t simply cite polices which break laws in any country they operate including Ethiopia. If they do a legal authority can prosecute them and they might pay legal fines or pay legal penalty by a court. Currently the Ethiopia’s Ministry of Justice hasn’t chosen to warn or prosecute Facebook. But it could at any time. Ethiopia’s government doesn’t have a online website where you an search if there are laws of which the parliament or the states created. Facebook is a company not a government which its polices over turn and are greater than the law of the land. If they even went as far as deleting the Prime Minister’s page they would most likely be banned from the entire country and even pay some court penalties of such a huge price.

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