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Close up of a senior Asian man getting vaccinated in medical clinic. Vaccination and healthcare concept/Getty Images

Fully vaccinated people show higher rate of spreading COVID-19 than people who had and survived COVID.

A new study in the U.S shows that 79% of all the Omicron variant infections in the U.S are from fully vaccinated people from the Pfizer vaccine and 32% of all omicron cases in the U.S are from people who took the booster shots. And only 14% of people who got the new variant had covid prior to the SARS-Cov-2 re-infection. Showing that human immunity is a couple times better than the vaccine. Bill Gates also said that vaccines were not built to prevent infection but strengthen the immune system, and that vaccines need to change how they work.

A study from Israel from 2/3 of the population which is about 6 million people show records of vaccination and re infection statues and history said

” The analysis is based on more than 5.7 million individuals who contributed days to the five main
cohorts (Figure 1). Figure 2 shows the dynamics of the cohorts over time, with the area under
the lines over the study period representing the number of person-days at risk for each cohort.
Table 1 presents the number of events (confirmed infections and severe disease) by cohorts
and demographics, and shows the distribution of person-days at risk by gender, age and
population group in the different cohorts. The gender distribution was similar among the five
cohorts, with only slightly more person-days for women than for men. There was a clear
difference between the cohorts in the distribution of the other covariates; while 53.4% of
person-days in the Booster cohort were of persons aged 60 or older, only 8.3% of the
Recovered cohort, 13.8% of the Recovered then Vaccinated, 22.1% of the Vaccinated then
Recovered, and 12.6% of the Vaccinated cohort person-days were from this age group. The
distributions of person-days by population group also differed between the cohorts, reflecting the
fact that the Arab and ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups experienced higher incidence rates of
infections during the pandemic, resulting in higher proportions of these groups in the cohorts of
recovered persons than in the cohorts of persons not previously infected.” The study showed that human immunity against vaccinated people in infection is about 6.6 times lesser than fully vaccinated people breakthroughs.

Mutiple studies have stated and showed that vaccinated people can spread covid-19 to other people Bill Gates even admits that vaccines are meant to strengthen people and their immune system not stop spread of COVID or other diseases. The WHO reported that healthy vaccinated people have spread the virus proving Bill Gates scientifically based answer. Data from Denmark shows that the “Data also pointed to vaccinated people comprising most of omicron cases in some countries, with around 75% of Denmark’s cases being fully vaccinated people, suggesting that even those who have been jabbed twice can still get the virus.”

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  1. […] The U.S Navy with accordance to Biden’s vaccine mandate on military personnel has over 98% fully vaccination rate and in some ships and other naval vessels has had a 100% fully vaccinated rate for navy personnel on duty on those vessels. But that hasn’t been able to stop the spread of COVID. Just Weeks ago, a cruise ship taking hold of passengers visiting the sea had a covid outbreak with a 98% fully vaccinated only kids less than 12 years of age who have a family of fully vaccinated people were not vaccinated. Many cruise ships are having these outbreaks even thou it wouldn’t stop the spread. This cruise ship outbreak made over 30 people infected with COVID-19. All unvaccinated kids less than 12 years old were tested within 72 hours getting in the Ship but the adults who were mandated and are fully vaccinated weren’t meaning the adults most likely went undetected in infecting other people with the virus. It is proven that even the vaccinated could spread the virus. […]

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