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General of ‘DEATH’ leading war in Ukraine

A new Russian general is leading the war effort against Ukraine he is dubbed General Armageddon. His actual name is Surovikin and even Russian’s call him the General of Armageddon.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said he is confident that his pal of 15 years will “make things right” on the frontline.

“The united group of forces is now in good hands,” he said.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner mercenary group that was heavily deployed in Syria, described him as “legendary”.

He told news agency Live24: “Surovikin is the most competent commander in the Russian army.”

Kremlin insiders have told how Surovikin is a trigger-happy madman with little care for what his devastating missiles may hit.

With a fondness for attacks on civilians and wide-scale missile strikes on infrastructure, he is a formidable opponent for the West.

One source ominously warned: “Surovikin is not sentimental.”

Surovikin is known among Russian soldiers as “General Armageddon” thanks to “his ability to act unconventionally and brutally.”

He was promoted to General of the Army in 2021 – one of only a handful of Russian officers to reach such a rank – and over this summer was placed in charge of troops in southern Ukraine.

In February, he was slapped with sanctions from the EU for being “responsible for actively supporting and implementing actions and policies that undermine and threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.”

British intelligence officials said his career “has been dogged with allegations of corruption and brutality,” in a recent report discussing the possibility of his promotion.

Surovikin’s appointment comes as Russia faces losing the war by Christmas as Vlad’s army faces total collapse in a massive humiliation for the tyrant.

His forces could be pushed back to the Russian border by the end of the year if Kyiv keeps up its counter-offensive, a senior British government source has claimed.

Ben Hodges, a former US military chief in charge of American forces in Europe, said Russian lines were collapsing fast.

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