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The latest satellite imagery of the Grand Renaissance Dam in December 5, 2021

GERD Dam Reservoir

The Grand Renaissance Dam or GERD has still been under Constuction in Ethiopia while a conflict in Tigray and border dispute with Sudan are happening. The Dam was secretly started to be built on 2011 when Egypt had a political crisis. And after a decade the dam is still under Constuction while Egypt threatened possible military action, and also with the help of the U.S government’s which in support when then President said, “blow that dam up.” The Dam was threatened by the former President of Egypt in a secret leaked meeting to blow the Dam up. And by Former U.S President in 2020 encouraged Egypt to break international law and attack a sovereign state. Experts know that it is not simple as it seems to blow the dam up. This is due to 3 factors: Flooding, War, Military defenses. The Dam has now over 11 billion cubits of water to its reservoir meaning blowing it up will cause flooding towards Cairo and Sudan and at least causes hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars’ worth of damage. The second reason is military confrontation: blowing or attacking a project as the GERD will guarantee all-out war against all the sides. The third reason is air defense systems wouldn’t enable airstrikes easily. Ethiopia reportedly has gotten the SPYDER-MR air defense systems from Israel. And Russian S-300PMU1 with Pantsir-S1 air defense systems near the dam. Making airstrikes need to go through Russian S-300 air defenses with Israeli air defense at the same time.

Moisture Index of the dam, December 5, 2021

The Dam is very well protected other than air defense systems only but protected by the republican guard an elite special group of special forces. The dam is over 75% complete and is thought to be completed through 2022-2023.

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