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Holders of $17bn of credit Suisse bonds could have their funding wiped out following the bank’s takeover by UBS, in a marvel flow by Swiss regulators predicted to purpose ructions in EU debt markets

More information is available at Holders of $17 billion in Credit Suisse bonds will have their investment wiped out as a result of the bank’s takeover by UBS, in a surprise move that is expected to ruffle European debt markets when they open on Monday. As part of the historic agreement, Swiss financial regulator Finma…

Men who drink Pepsi and Coca-Cola have larger testicles: and higher testosterone levels than people who don’t – Study finds

Coca-Cola is usually associated with begin unhealthy which is true, it can lead to many diseases but putting aside from this scientifical fact a new study has emerged from mice which suggests that men who drink the drink generally tend to have larger testicles than other men who don’t. But nonetheless this study contradicts previous…

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