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U.S Amry to test largest drone swarm in the Utah desert

The U.S army will conduct a drone storm operation training exercise in the Utah desert. According to the report: up to 30 small drones will be in the operation which will be conducted later in April of this month. “A mix of Area-I’s small Air-Launched, Tube-Integrated, Unmanned System 600 (ALTIUS 600) and Raytheon-built Coyote drones will be…

Breaking News: Twitter is officially sold to Elon Musk

Twitter is officially sold to Elon Musk after a 44-billion-dollar deal toke place. The company now will be private and owned by the Tesla billionaire. Twitter rejected Elon Musk’s first offer but later the billionaire was able to buy the company. Musk has bought the company 54.20 dollars per share which is dollars above the…

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