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English letter delusion in Ethiopia.

How The Ethiopian Federal Police Improved Equipment, and why its delusional English Syndrome Problem should be fixed.

Ethiopian Federal Police wearing armor with English letters printed on it while in an Amharic reading and Speaking country.

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia, Federal Police a couple years ago speaking of 3 years of the past used to wear clothe with no armor making them ducks to an unknown or unprepared for attacks. But this changed when Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister in 2018 and he added bullet proof armor for the Federal Police forces and other government branches like the Republican Guard. While they made other improvements as to having well trained dogs like German Shepard’s, and also armored vehicles

Armored Federal Police Vehicle with English letters painted on it, while serving in a Amharic non English speaking country?
Federal Police carrying Riot shield that has English letters on it while its main purpose is to stop riots in an Amharic Speaking country?

Problems with the Ethiopian Police and delusions

There is one thing the Ethiopian police don’t yet understand, that they serve in an Amharic speaking country and not an English one. This is why i say this they keep painting or engraving English letters on their police hats police cars and motorcades, and English letters on their body armor and this is a delusion of servanthood they love foreigners so much that they even put English letters on their equipment while serving and to protect Ethiopians which do not speak English. A country of 117 million people who were born in a language other than English and the majority of whom speak Amharic not English, and also of which its official language is Amharic not English (Ethiopian Government) wants to put English letters on everything, and this servanthood and so called loving a foreign culture which it has no connections too must stop and they must put Amharic letters on it and remove their English letters from all Government equipment.

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