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How the U.S, UK, and Australia betrayed France on AUKUS Military Pact Agreement

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White House, September 16, 2021 The White House announced AUKUS pact agreement with Australia and the UK, which gave Nuclear powered submarines to Australia. This was in the middle of another agreement Australia had with France on 12 diesel powered submarines which cost Australia 50 billion dollars when announced in 2016. The Australian Prime Minister had announced that because of a new environment the country had to withdraw from the deal with France. But the French Government took their full wrath upon the U.S and Australia by recalling back their ambassador from the U.S to France.

This was the first time of Frances over 200 year diplomatic relation with the U.S that they called back their ambassador from the United States. Estimates put that France lost over 47.6 billion dollars on the contract. Australia had only spent 1.8 billion dollars on the project while the price of the contract cost 50 billion dollars. This event made French government officials saying “a stab in the back”.

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