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The true Ethiopian flag.

‘How they politicized Timket and the Ethiopian Flag

By The Low Ethiopian Reports

January 20, 2022

The Ethiopian Government has caused a huge great downfall of hopes. The Government has declared a flag that is dear to the country as politicized and could not be used in Addis Ababa for the Celebration of Christ Jesus the Lord’s baptism by Saint John the Baptist in the river of Jordan in Israel. The mayor has announced that no one can hold the plain flag of Green, Yellow, and Red. But they say you must use the FDRE emblem insignia, which is more political than the flag which they banned. The TPLF is a terror organization and was clearly a state sponsor of terrorism, ethnic division which it put in the constitution of the country itself, and by policies and laws passed by its corrupt and crooked failed state government. That emblem of which is in fact the most politicized flag of all Ethiopian history is being forced upon Ethiopians to use or if you do use a flag, it must be it or of the regional states or no flags at all of Ethiopian patriotic meaning. 

The Addis Ababa Police have made a statement saying undercover law enforcement and the police force in Addis Ababa will enforce any violations of the so-called Constitution or violate the Religious Spirit.” This in other words has been interpreted as any flags of the original Ethiopian flag cannot be used which if we speak legally require parliament to act and that also let alone the mayor or the police making up their own laws, could be challenged in the courts: but we all know that the courts the judicial branch or even the legislature have no power but the executive branches of the government. The government says they want law and order but say they do not want to allow people to exercise their rights of freedom of expression. It is indeed understandable and legal for them to ban TPLF terrorist flags or Onege Shena flags, but the flag of the country is being censored it indeed is as whom a great person said, the laws of a country get crazier as the end of the country approaches. It is not the end of “we the people” of Ethiopia but the government and corrupt officials and corrupt executive which only want their political benefits nonetheless the people’s. 

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