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Huntington Beach Water still closed but no trace of oil on the shore

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Huntington Beach
October 10, 2021, LEK Reports/Tameru

Huntington Beach ocean side has been closed due to the oil spill at the middle of an Air Show.

The Company which accidently spilled over 100,000 gallons of oil shares dropped by over 50% and billions of assets worth dropped. It will be very hard for the company to get over the reputation damage caused by canceling the Air Show which 1.5 million people were expected to arrive, and causing environmental hazards to sea animals, dead fish, oil covered birds, and ecosystem hazards to the ocean life.

Panorama Photo, Huntington Beach at 10/10/2021, by LEK Reports/Tameru

The Beach to the side of Huntington seems to be clear water, but local officials closed the waters because some small levels of oil might be in the sea still.

A Water Patroller in Huntington Beach in Los Angeles.

Law enforcement in the area seems to be more tighter than ever, water patrol personal are at it, some LAPD also in the area due to the oil spill in Huntington Beach to prevent residents or tourist from causing harm to themselves.

LAPD Patrolling the Huntington Beach Pier.

Huntington seems to be opening after the incident. And in a matter of weeks the whole situation will be under control.

Beach View of Container Ships waiting to reach The Port of Los Angeles

Huntington after the spill will have tens of thousands of people more to see and visit it.

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