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It’s always not my fault: A lying Prime Minister seen never the likes of

Abiy Ahmed the Ethiopia Prime Minister seen his childhood dreamed of becoming a “king.” Abiy in reality has been planning to become the ruler of this country since the ages of 10 and younger. His mother told him he would become a king, well it did. Not a king anointed by blood, not a royal, not of nobility but of dictatorship and force. A Prime Minister when 200 people are being massacred in the western region of the country says that people should not focus on evil things but of good. There is no “good” as the Prime Minister says of dismissing the deaths from terrorism and manslaughter in the number of the hundreds of lives lost. The Prime Minister speaks of progress, but yet he tries and forgets to remember or by the least acknowledge that human sanctity is the highest and prestige think any government should and can guarantee to its own citizens. This Prime Minister after calling TPLF rebels “Junta” and “Terrorists” and that they cannot be brought back again to power or life because they have been spread as powder. But he frees the most senior of those rebels as we name “Sebhat Nega” and others, these people are not good people at all, some in the Favour of the TPLF terrorist try to hide the inconvenience of their acts and blame the Prime Minister and all the fault is on him. The Prime Minister released the founder of the biggest terrorist organization in Africa and in some shorts even more powerful than other terrorists in Africa. And for “Peace” and reconciliation” as the lying Prime Minister says. In Ethiopian history which is 3,000 years none as the likes of him by his evil, lying, unloving, murderous heart has set foot and ruled this great country. Even the terrorist state runned by the TPLF does not even have the audacity to lie as much as this Prime Minister for the reason who also helped the TPLF arrest many individuals.

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