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Image of hacked and normal home page of the Jerusalem Post.

Jerusalem Post Hacked website resorted and hacked again

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The recently hacked Jerusalem Post website has been restored back online for a short time and again hacked. The home page shows the normal appearance of the website and not the former look when hacked which says in English “We are close to you where you do not think about it.” but minutes later it shows the same screen the screen of the hacked website.

Image when entering the hacked website

The Jerusalem Post said that they “are aware of the apparent hacking of our website, alongside a direct threat (to) Israel.” The Israeli IDF or intelligence agencies might have helped resolved the hack as a possible Israeli national security treat risk with the Jerusalem Post. But The counterattack on the hack is not helping the website to be restored.

Image of the normal Jerusalem post website while an ongoing hack for a short couple minute later which returned to the hacked home screen image.

Iranians or Iran allied countries might have hacked the website due to the hack being the exact 2nd anniversary of an Irania General’s Soleimani’s death by a U.S airstrike with the help of Israel. The Israeli intelligence community might be facing a multinational experienced foreign government led hack.

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