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Levan won but in reality, did Levan have a chance to beat a pound-to-pound Larratt well he did not.

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Devon ‘No Limits’ Larratt has been defeated but i will present an argument which is factually based which might upset some Levan fans. But in reality, why talk if Devon had a chance and why don’t we switch it to did Levan had a chance if he were equally as heavy as Larratt and wasn’t able to use 110! pounds to his advantage. Well, if we look at the first clip, Devon was actually doing a king’s move which was seen years ago stopping Dave Chaffee, but the difference here is Levan was 110 pounds larger than Larratt and due to that fact of high sportsmanship each pound/kilo does play a factor and anyone who tries to make that not known is afraid of the true fact of Devon Larratt’s crazy power.

A Levan, who is 14 years younger had not chance in reality to beat this Prime Devon Larratt pound for pound, Devon did train at a level that Levan cannot know at least for now, the winning doesn’t speak for Levan his weight speaks for itself, and Devon’s ability to even at first at least do a stopping of an immediate pin shows Devon’s monstrous strength.

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