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SpaceX aircraft LIVE coverage

LIVE: Breaking News: SpaceX spacecraft capsule returning to earth with NASA astronauts has splashed down to Earth.

NASA astronauts flew by SpaceX built rocket to the international space station they stayed up in the international space station for nearly 200 days. They did research by planting vegetation and how Space will impact it’s growth compared to earth. And they are brining those samples from Space. SpaceX is the main contractor for NASA due to it’s reliability and cost compared to other space companies as Lockheed Martine and the Boeing joint venture, and also Blue Origin.

SpaceX spacecraft landing to earth after departing rom the international space station.

Blue Origin has sued NASA for contracting SpaceX and not Blue Origin but a Judge said that NASA and SpaceX have a right to do so, and Jeff Bezos the owner and founder of Blue Origin has publicly announced his disappointment but his respect for the rule of law. The Space crew will have been in space for 199 days when they return to earth they will be shy 7 hours of the 200 day mark. The Crew have done research of Saliva and Blood of human biological research and also Chile pepper research which some they have eaten. Also new details say that the international Space station is being powered by Solar panels in space. When the crew come back from Space they will feel about approximately 3.5 G to 4 G about the same as they ascend to Space. SpaceX just announced de orbiting will start on soon the Falcon 9 Crew 2. The SpaceX orbital burn has finished.

The SpaceX spacecraft will be landing in Florida near the Caribbean Sea with the Space Crew-2 Dragon. Video footage of the Dragon

SpaceX dragon seen above the earth

The Falcon 9 is about to come into earth. The capsule is traveling 350 miles per hour: now 250 miles. The Drogues have been deployed, parachutes have been deployed. And at 10:33 ET the spacecraft capsule has touched planet earth.

And the touch down of Crew-2 on 10:33 PM. All four crew members are now outside the capsule.

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