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Macron: says Europe must become an “autonomous third superpower,”and reduce its dependency on the U.S

French President Emmanuel Macron whom is still at current in China, has said that Europe and France should try to move away from U.S military dependence, and also he has noted that ‘The great risk is getting caught up in crises that are not ours,’ The French President currently in his state visit to China has meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and has discussed the war on Ukraine. Reports have said that the french president wants to reduce the power of the ‘extraterritoriality’ USD.

Xi can be noted to have visited the rebuked Russian President after getting an ICC “warrant,” nonetheless Xi also being the leader of China, the main economic, and future leading military power of the BRICS alliance, which now currently has more than twice the population, and more higher GDP than the G7. The BRICS alliance can be noted trying to separate from the U.S dollar, nonetheless it will take time, but as for them they can see it as a stepping stone to end the U.S petrol dollar dominance.

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