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U.S Marine pictured on a Helicopter.

Marines denied all religious exemptions, and say they are being “Crushed.”

The United States Marin Corps have been denied all religious exemptions. Which is unconstitutional in itself. Marines have even said that they are being “crushed” by the DOD and Bidens mandate forcing all even if they have strong disbelief in such a vaccine. A lieutenant colonel said the Pentagon is looking to discharge members “as fast as they can and as brutally as they can, damaging every Marine as much as they can on the way out.” The Lt said also “tread very carefully, this is political, you will be crushed like an ant” to the Marines. “The louder I speak, the tighter the screws are turned against me,” according to a Marine Sergeant.

According to the Oldest Media platform in the United States the New York Post, 169 Marines have been discharged. The USMC have also reported that in November 9,000 Marines were not vaccinated.

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