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MetaMask user loses 650K in NFT assets after phishing attack.

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Non-Fungible-Tokens NFT are items which cannot be duplicated at least at the Blockchain level due to computer AI systems blocking duplications of NFTs. A User named Domenic Iacovone has gone to Twitter and spread the message of his account being hacked by a phishing attack.

MetaMask responded by warning Apple users of phishing attacks and data that MetaMask has could be stored on iCloud and when Individuals have weak iCloud passwords, just a guess could get the password of a 650K account at Opensea.

MetaMask phrases which are phrases used to restore an already hacked account or an account that’s password is lost are stored in iCloud which possess risks as guessing iCloud passwords. If an individual as Domenic Iacovone who possibly had a weak iCloud password, he lost over half a million worth of NFT assets.

The Man has said that he did not know that his MetaMask information was being stored at iCloud softwar.

He also said that he lost 100k in Ape Coin which is a coin which Bored Ape Yacht Club users have perks to after purchasing a Bored Ape.

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