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MI5 warns over ‘Chinese agent’ in Parliament

The MI5 (Military Intelligence Section 5) has warned that a Chinese spy is trying to influence and infiltrate the UK Parliament. Christine Ching Kui Lee is the one who the MI5 alerted the parliament and said that she has “established links” for the Chinese Communist Pary (CCP).

Mrs. Lee has been trying to infiltrate the Parliament by funding MP’s and upcoming Members of Parliament. One of the many MP’s funded from the many politically funded spectrum for the links Mrs. Lee tried to establish for the CCP as the MI5 says is the Labour Parties Barry Gardiner who received over 5 years £420,000, but the MP has said that he has always notified the security services of these donations.

Other Members of Parliament who have received donations from Mrs. Lee is Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey who received £5,000 donation, but the MP also clarified that it was “the first time he has been given cause to be concerned”.

The Executive branch of the United Kingdom’s government has responded to this MI5 alert and Home Secretary Priti Patel has said that it was “deeply concerning” that someone “who has knowingly engaged in political interference activities on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party has targeted parliamentarians”.

But she also said that the UK has measures put in place “to identify foreign interference”.

The MI5 has also clarified that anyone contacted by Mrs. Lee should be “mindful of her affiliation” and its “remit to advance the CCP’s agenda”.

The labour party has asked the Home Office and the MI5 on the extent that they have been deceived and

The labour party has asked the Home Office and the MI5 on the extent that they have been deceived and to what level of “extent of the deception and interference and the ongoing risks of malign activity from foreign states”.

According to the alert, Mrs. Lee claimed her involvement with Parliament had been to “represent the UK Chinese and increase diversity”.

The MI5:  “extensive engagement with individuals across the UK political spectrum” “had been undertaken in covert coordination with the United Front Work Department [ UFWD is a department within the CCP], with funding provided by foreign nationals located in China and Hong Kong”.

The security services have also warned that Mrs. Lee “may aspire to establish APPGs [ all parliamentary groups, and MPs] to further the CCP’s agenda”.

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