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Fire Fighters seen in New York City, Lloyd Mitchell/Reuters

New York Vaccine mandate to take a day later sees still lots of unvaccinated people

New York City has announced it is forcing people to take vaccination and medical procedure without their will or little to non exemptions. More than 2,000 fire fighters have protested against the vaccine. 24,000 municipal works are still unvaccinated which is 9% of the work force. The New York Police department, NYPD saw an 84% vaccination rate while 15% are still unvaccinated. On 1pm New York Police veterans had retired due to the forced medical procedure mandate put in place by Bill de Blasio The president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, the union that represents rank-and-file firefighters, said there was no organized sickout. But hundreds of firefighters were feeling the side effects of vaccine doses and were too unwell to work, the U.F.A. president, Andrew Ansbro, said in a phone interview Sunday morning. “Hundreds of guys are feeling flu-like symptoms, because that’s what the shot does to people,” Mr. Ansbro said. In the first week and a half since Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the mandate, more than 22,000 municipal employees have gotten their first shot and vaccination rates have climbed markedly in many city agencies. Most city agencies now have vaccination rates of 90 percent or above. But a few are notably lower. The Sanitation Department was at 79 percent and the Fire Department was at 73 percent. At the Department of Correction, only 60 percent of employees were vaccinated, although correction officers have an extra month to get vaccinated before the mandate goes into effect.

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