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Dr. Fauci testifies to Congress.

NIH admit that they helped gain in function research in Wuhan

Dr. Fauci the top infectious disease expert while on oath to congress said that the NIH did not pay for gain in function research in Wuhan Lab in China. While Fauci made that claim multiple times on Congress on oath the NIH secretly disagreed with him even writing a document debunking Fauci’s claim.

NIH document proving gain and function research.
NIH Coronavirus gain and function research document.

These documents from the National Institutes of Health, the highest health authority in the United States by experts and workers say that Coronavirus lab gain function research was done in Wuhan. Quote on Quote by the NIH” RaTG13, one of the closest bat coronavirus relatives to SARS-Co-V-2 collected by he Wuhan Institute of Virology and BANAL-52, one of several bat coronaviruses recently identified from bats living in Laos. These statements from the NIH do confirm there was gain in function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And according to the HHS, The Human Health And Services from the National Institutes of Health that the Wuhan lab was funded by a grant from the U.S Government’s NIH for this research. While Dr. Fauci said to Sen. rand Paul “you don’t know what your talking about.” This seems to be a big lie of which the a high health official as Dr. Fauci should know and knows, making us to thing again that Doctor’s at this age are politicians not for the science but for the power and image.

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