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North Korean Missiles on Parade.

North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un says to build invincible Military

Military – Kim Jong Un said on an official statement that the Korean Military will be “invincible.” This statement also follows with another statement from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who held a weapons exhibition on Tuesday and vowed to build up the isolated country’s military. “There is no action-based evidence to make us believe that [the US is] not hostile,” Kim said in a speech at the exhibition, according to North Korean state news agency KCNA.

Kim Jong Un in recent years had good relations with the U.S, but becomes hostile for a new U.S policy to North Korea.

Video showing NK Military

North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un after losing hundreds of pounds sees North Korean Military show casing their skills and durability.

North Korea is one of the 5 nations in Asia who have nuclear capabilities including China, Iran, India, Israel. And having one of the world largest nuclear missile ranges which can reach U.S soil.

North Korea has the largest reserve military in the world even larger than China’s which has the world’s largest standing force numbering over 2.2 million., The LEK Reports © 2021

By The Low Ethiopian Reports Military , Copyrighted by parent overseer DOTLER by The Low Ethiopian Reports © 2021.

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